June 2017

A few days after Jimmy LaFave passed away, I was sent a link to a performance of his dating back to 2001. He was singing a song of mine that he’d just released on his Texoma album. It’s such a powerful performance that I asked the gentleman who shared it with me, and Jimmy’s cohorts at Music Road Records, if I could have permission to post it as this month’s Download of the Month in his honor. They were kind enough to agree.

June’s download is “On A Bus To St. Cloud”, sung by Jimmy LaFave and recorded on Friday, March 16, 2001 at the Texas Union Theatre in Austin. It features Jimmy’s band, the Night Tribe. Many, many thanks to Curtis Kolbrenner, who dug up the recording from his archives and sent it to me, and to Jesse LaFave and Ashley Warren for their help and permission in making it available to you.