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Gretchen Peters & Kim Richey at Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh

With someone like Kim Richey on tour it would have been a missed opportunity not to collaborate and so it was a delight when she joined Gretchen on a version of Say Grace. Faith is another recurring theme in her music and listening to these two women sing was nothing short of heavenly. I couldn’t … MORE

Gretchen Peters, Kim Richey at Town Hall, Birmingham 25/05/2018 (live review)

…“Dancing With The Beast” is an ambitious thing too, a series of songs telling the stories of different women, from young children to the elderly and everything in between (“I feel surrounded by sisters” is how Peters puts it here). Each one works, though, because of Peters’ wonderful gift for songwriting and her absolutely superb … MORE

Gretchen Peters – Dancing With The Beast (review)

…all the stories are free of embellishments, with Peters not one for poetic flourishes, but that doesn’t mean bluntness or mere simplicity. Her lyrics feel tender right through, as if written in response to her characters, respecting their emotions – knowing their moments. And then, in something like the final song, Love That Makes A … MORE

Country Standard Time: Gretchen Peters – Dancing With The Beast (review)

…It’s a powerful set of songs, mostly echoing a downcast perspective, but each comes across with both enlightenment and emotion, often in the most uncommon ways. Indeed, it’s all but impossible not to be affected by Peters’ impacting infusion of sentiment and sobriety… …Peters ultimately finds redemption in the coda, “Love That Makes a Cup … MORE

Folk Radio: Gretchen Peters Dancing With The Beast (review)

…there are more moments of lightness and beauty throughout the set, even on tracks like ‘Lowlands’, a shell-shocked chorus-less piece charting the reaction of a country after the 2016 election. It’s a typically outraged response to the result, as many songs since have been, but among angry crunchy guitar riffs, there is a glimmer of … MORE

musicOMH: Gretchen Peters – Dancing With The Beast (review)

4 1/2 stars of 5 In Dancing With The Beast Gretchen Peters has delivered another vital dose of country music perfection whose magical songcraft feels entirely personal and yet manages to embrace how it feels to be a woman today. It’s sweet, painful, beautiful, dark, funny and heartbreaking; there is no doubt at all that … MORE

No Depression: Gretchen Peters’ Everywoman Album (review)

Dancing With the Beast is an album of incredible humanity and depth, and listening to it requires the same mental engagement and emotional investment as reading a short story collection. As such, Dancing With the Beast can be a tough listen. Yet on days when your spirit is properly attuned to the everyday struggles, tragedies, … MORE