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Gretchen Peters

Belles & Gals Q&A (interview)

LH: Stories and characters are always to the fore in your songwriting, you paint pictures so well, and this collection is no exception. And once again the stories you tell here aren’t always pretty….what is it the attracts you to flawed characters and desperate situations? GP: I find these characters heroic. They persist, despite having … MORE

Dancing With The Beast – Pennyblack Music (review)

…Each of the eleven songs represents the voice of a different woman, with different life experiences, and at different ages. There is the lonely widow on ‘Arguing with Ghosts’, there’s the abused young girl in ‘Wichita’, the woman who lives as a ‘Truckstop Angel’. There is murder and revenge, loss, grief and heartache. In the … MORE

Gretchen Peters

Gretchen Peters’ Dancing With The Beast: A Survivor’s Tale (review)

If it were not for Peters’ compassion wrought in her voice, this album would be unremittingly grim and desperate. It could be where one finds oneself – not so much in nowhere but at the dark end of the street. But Peters is too insightful for that. Dancing with the Beast is a survivor’s suite; … MORE

Not A Merry Dance – Gretchen Peters’ new album is dark, but devilishly good……

…on her latest album Dancing With The Beast she re-affirms her position as the most compelling and original lyricist around – and from the off dispels any notion her astonishing turn of phrase may not be in the sublime health of old. …‘Wichita’ continues a theme Peters began on ‘Independence Day’ a song which brought renown early in her career, but this is darker … MORE

Gretchen Peters at City Varieties (live review)

…to call Gretchen Peters a veteran of country rock would be a disservice: she still has stories to tell, ground to cover. Over the course of nearly two hours, through her honeyed yet weathered voice with little overt embellishment, Peters reminds you of what an irreplaceable talent she is. New album Dancing with the Beast (“It’s … MORE

Gretchen Peters/Kim Richey – Leeds City Varieties, 30/05/2018 (live review)

…continuing to deal with often difficult subject matters including prostitution, death, depression, and the ageing process as seen through the eyes of different female characters, Gretchen Peters’ performance is as powerful as it is poignant. Admirably supported and complemented by a stellar band comprising her musical and marital partner Barry Walsh on keyboards, bassist Conor … MORE

Gretchen Peters Shares a Little Bit of Herself (interview)

I’ve really been writing about women and girls my whole life, so it’s not particularly surprising that this would be my reaction. They just started talking to me, like characters do. I’m not a protest songwriter, not an overtly political songwriter – but I do know how to tell a story, and I believe that … MORE

Gretchen Peters – The Stables Milton Keynes 20th May 2018 (live review)

…atmosphere is another critical component in all of her songs. The first bars of her set sees her playing Arguing With Ghosts with just a half spotlight before the band join in. Immediately we’re absorbed into her world. Wichita, a brilliant tale of justified revenge, sits alongside The Matador that makes for some compelling lyrical … MORE

Gretchen Peters – Dancing With The Beast (review)

The characters that inhabit these lyrics are all fictional, from the elderly woman looking back on her life in Disappearing Act and the prostitute in Truckstop Angel to the teenager dealing with the confusion of her first crush in The Boy From Rye and the little girl that finally snaps and takes a stand against … MORE

Feminism and faith with Gretchen Peters (interview)

I stopped by BBC Radio 2 in Manchester on Sunday morning to visit with Reverend Kate Bottley and Jason Mohammed on their Good Morning Sunday show. We had a great chat about songwriting, faith, and lots of other things. Kate and Jason are lovely and it was such a pleasure, in spite of waking up at … MORE

NPR – Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing

“Wichita” has been featured in NPR’s “Heavy Rotation – 10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing. Each month, NPR Music invites DJs from public radio stations across the country to share the songs they can’t get enough of. Of the song, NPR’s Jessie Scott writes: “You don’t hear many murder ballads these days, even though the … MORE