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No Depression: Gretchen Peters’ Everywoman Album (review)

Dancing With the Beast is an album of incredible humanity and depth, and listening to it requires the same mental engagement and emotional investment as reading a short story collection. As such, Dancing With the Beast can be a tough listen. Yet on days when your spirit is properly attuned to the everyday struggles, tragedies, … MORE

Facebook Live – live from London release day hangout!

I’m going to be on Facebook Live May 18th – release day for Dancing With The Beast – coming to you live from our London rehearsal hall, where we’re rehearsing for the UK Tour which starts May 19th. Come hang out with me at my Facebook page at 6pm London time/1pm Eastern. Come say hi to … MORE

Gretchen Peters has us Dancing with the Beast

I sat down with Chuck Dauphin recently to talk about Dancing With The Beast, songs and songwriting. The interview at Music Update Central has just been published. “I have very distinct and vivid memories of being fourteen and fifteen years old and just the awakening and awareness that happens. Being with my friends, teenage girls, … MORE

“Dancing With The Beast” review – Americana UK

9 stars out of 10 … it is quite amazing that someone can continuously turn out songs of this quality. This new album, ‘Dancing With The Beast’, is her first recording of all new material since 2016’s ‘Blackbirds’, which won her an Americana Music Association UK award for International Album of the Year as well … MORE

Q&A with Nottingham Post

When did you know a life in music was for you? I was in my late teens, still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Making a living as a musician didn’t really occur to me, oddly enough – although music was already all-consuming for me. It was a boyfriend, and later other … MORE

“Dancing With The Beast” review – The Rock Club

…with what could just be the best album of her long running career so far, Nashville based, Gretchen Peters releases ‘Dancing with the Beast’ via Proper Records on 18th May, 2018. All the songs on this album are deep and dreamy,  intense Americana tunes from the road or, just plain beautiful… To read the review … MORE

Songwriting Survival Kit

Songwriting Magazine asked me to share my Songwriting Survival Kit with them (and you) – this was a fun assignment and made me stop and think about what I really need in order to write*. *it includes naps, coffee and lots of time alone. To read the article in its entirety, visit Songwriting Magazine. Gretchen … MORE

new single “Wichita” premieres on Wide Open Country

The third single from my new album Dancing With The Beast has just premiered on Wide Open Country. “Wichita”, which Wide Open Country calls “gorgeous and haunting”, was written by myself and Ben Glover. Dancing With The Beast comes out on May 18.

Gretchen Peters tackles death, depression on ‘Dancing with the Beast’

…the resulting songs can be found on forthcoming album ‘Dancing with the Beast,’ which will be released May 18. The record is 50 minutes of exquisite-sounding emotional devastation, depression, murder and heartbreak, the usual subject matter for Peters, whose merchandise is emblazoned with the motto ‘Sad Songs Make Me Happy.’ “Those kind of songs are the … MORE

“Dancing With The Beast” review – Sonic Bandwagon

“… a classy album of typical longing and exquisitely delicate musical arrangements introduced with a mesmerising ‘Arguing With Ghosts’ – a morsel that can’t fail to induce a bite,  one listen and you’re hooked. Very much in the same way that the hypnotic title track does mid album; any chance of slacking or falling away … MORE

new single “Arguing With Ghosts” out now!

The second single from my new album Dancing With The Beast, is out now! Taste of Country gave the song, written with Matraca Berg and Ben Glover, an exclusive premiere at their website on Friday, May 13, saying “Gretchen Peters’ voice in ‘Arguing With Ghosts’ will haunt you after it’s over.” You can find “Arguing With … MORE

Free music from NoiseTrade and me

The folks at NoiseTrade are offering a limited-time handpicked sampler of my songs, including songs that were recorded by other artists like Trisha Yearwood, Bryan Adams and Martina McBride. Also included is “Disappearing Act”, the first single from my upcoming album, Dancing With The Beast. The best part? It’s free! Visit NoiseTrade to get the … MORE