PureHMV have exclusively been given access to a selection of gigs where a pure member and guest will meet Gretchen before she performs, receive VIP tickets and have their favourite Gretchen Peters song dedicated to them!

Five rewards are available for five separate concerts:

GLASGOW – KING TUTS on 14th May 2010

LONDON – THE TABERNACLE on 19th May 2010

WAVENDON – THE STABLES on 22nd May 2010

BRISTOL – THE TUNNELS on 23rd May 2010

CAMBRIDGE – JUNCTION on 25th May 2010

Before redeeming your reward, please be sure you have selected the correct show in the correct city! Reward not available for all shows.

From the TuneCore blog: In this week’s COREnered, we trade verses with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters. Peters’s gift for flawlessly merging notes and lyrics results in stories that continue to touch fans and fellow artists around the world. Read on to find out about her unusual dream collaboration, and why she considers music her “comfort food.”

Our good friend Brian Clough, of euVue, The North East’s Multimedia Showbiz and Entertainment Magazine, is running a contest on his radio show, and the prize is a pair of tickets to the show on 17 May at The Sage in Gateshead. Go to the euVue page, and click on the arrow to iisten to the show.

Information about the competition is 7-8 minutes into the show, and the competition is featured approximately 30 minutes later. Contest closes at the end of April.

Next month I’ll be heading back to the UK for a tour that’s been in the works for almost a year. The idea for the “Circus Girl – Without A Net” tour grew out of many conversations after shows that began something like: “Great show, but I wish you’d sung ______”, or “________ is my favorite song, why don’t you ever play it anymore?” When you have a new album out, it’s natural to want to showcase it, and introduce everyone to the new songs. With “Circus Girl”, we’re going to look back and revisit some of the overlooked ones, and some that just fell off the list along the way. In that spirit, this will be an all-request tour – you will make up the set list. I’ll begin taking your requests on April 1 via this websiteTwitterFacebook, and MySpace. Or if you prefer you can just email me.

Please keep a few things in mind:

– specify the particular show (venue, date and city) that you will be attending. We don’t want to do your request without you there.

– give us your name, and any other information you’d like to share – where you’re from, how long you’ve been a fan, a personal anecdote, dedication, reminiscence or just your thoughts on the song you want to hear most.

– please limit your requests to songs that I’ve either written or recorded. No “Free Bird”!

Given the retrospective nature of this tour I thought it would be fun to add a visual component, too, so I’ll be spicing up the set with some slides and photographs – along with the stories behind the songs, behind the scenes, and sometimes behind the stars…

It’s going to be a lot of fun for us, and hopefully for you, too. All the tour dates are now confirmed and listed on the Tour page at gretchenpeters.com. We can’t wait to see you out there.