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All CDs at now $5

New for 2023: all CDs at my web store* are now available for $5. Not a sale! This is the new, permanent regular price. Some of you may stream your music for convenience but still collect CDs; hopefully this will give you a chance to fill in the gaps in your collection for a little … MORE

In Conversation: Gretchen Peters ( Holler Country Music feature)

“I willingly got on that hamster wheel and didn’t get off for 15, 20 years,” she says “That’s where the burnout was coming in. I started to ask myself, why is the next step to make another album? And how long do I do this? So that was the biggest contributor to it, this feeling … MORE

Gretchen Peters and Kim Richey at City Varieties, Leeds (live review)

Although she had a new Live Album to promote; Gretchen still went ‘off piste’ tonight, by including a variety of songs from throughout her career; several which don’t appear on said Double Album. Many of the songs tonight, we know like the back of our hands (Say Grace and Blackbirds spring to mind) but others stretch … MORE

Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (Holler)

Structuring this live double album with many of her classic compositions upfront, Peters’ gloriously re-arranges half the set for the all-female Scottish string quartet that accompanies her. On the second half, however, it’s simply Peters and her now familiar backing band. Both parts possess light and shade, leaving plenty of space in the mix to let … MORE

Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (Folk & Tumble)

“…there is a lightness of touch, in the manner in which she presents such hard-hitting songs, never preachy. Played live, they really hit home, and stay with the listener, melody and message. That is a real skill.  Her voice remains as strong as ever, indeed, if anything, it as good as I have ever heard her. … MORE

Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (At The Barrier)

“…a word for Peters’ voice, which now sounds a little more lived in than in her earlier years, that suiting better some of the subjects of her songs, often about those on the fringes; of society, luck, age and opportunity. Disappearing Act exemplifies this to a T, the slight lack of studio polish adding oodles, … MORE

Gretchen Peters - The Show: Live From The UK

Alan Cackett – Gretchen Peters – The Show: Live From The UK (review)

“…a truly remarkable album. Bold and fearless, live Gretchen Peters delivers an alluring, understatedly dramatic set as she spins out a rich and dazzling fabric sewn by the threads of autobiography, sociocultural, fiction, and authenticity. One of the finest female singer-songwriters of her generation, Gretchen thoughtfully offers up a stunning collection of songs that would … MORE

Gretchen Peters INTERVIEW Part 1 (The Rocking Magpie)

“I don’t know why I fixated on three, but if I could do three records in a row that represented my creative manifesto, I would be satisfied. And I did that. Hello Cruel World, Blackbirds and Dancing With The Beast to me are a trilogy and they belong together and having completed those albums I had … MORE